Red Wind Newsletter

CLUB RED SPOTLIGHT The Club Red Spotlight is pleased to put Michael in the spotlight, a husband, father of two, baseball and football coach, glider pilot and a Blackjack enthusiast. Michael is also a sales manager at the largest bakery product manufacturing company in the United States. He was born in Redmond and now lives in Puyallup, Washington with his two wonderful children and beautiful wife of eleven years, Jamie. Michael is a registered private glider pilot with the United States Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration in the city of Puyallup, Washington. He has been flying for more than 5 years with over 400 hours in the sky. He is a member of the Soaring Society of America and a previous member of the Puget Sound Soaring Association. “My favorite place to fly is by Mt. Rainier,” he said, “because its sites are the most beautiful.” The intellectual challenge combined with the quiet and beauty of flying high above the earth are two of the many reasons Michael loves flying gliders. He takes pride and joy in volunteering to coach his children in various sports activities in addition to flying gliders. When he isn’t working, flying, or volunteering he is here at Nisqually Red Wind Casino relaxing and doubling down on his favorite table game, Blackjack. He has accumulated more than $13,000 in Blackjack winnings since he became a Club Red member in 2012. Michael has also won $3,500 in our weekend Rollover Riches drawing! Michael explained, “Club Red is better than anything, anywhere; at least the places I’ve been to.” He stated, “I almost always eat at your Deli when I come to your casino and it is great, then I tried your Grille for the first time and wow! It was fantastic!” It is an honor to have Michael as our guest and it’s always a pleasure to see him here at Nisqually Red Wind Casino. It’s guests like Michael that make us team members happy to be here as well. THANKSGIVING DINING SPECIALS LUCKY SEVEN ROLLOVER RICHES We’re setting a place for you at our table this Thanksgiving! Why was six afraid of seven? Because Lucky Seven always wins! The riches just keep on rolling at Red Wind!