Red Wind Newsletter

OUR PROMOTIONS JUST GOT PROMOTED! It’s a whole new year, so it’s out with our old promotions and in with the new at Nisqually Red Wind Casino. We’re beyond excited to be introducing some brand new promotions and reintroducing some old favorites in 2016. And honestly, they’ve never been better. See for yourself on your next trip to Red Wind, when you can try: Redeem Xtreme - Now each month, Club Red members will be able to redeem the points on their Club Red card at DOUBLE the rate. That effectively doubles your point balance. Red Wind is the only casino in the area that redeems points for cash, and now you can redeem them at 2X the rate. Lucky Seven - For winning some prime time cash, this is as lucky as you can get. On Mondays in January, we’ll select Club Red members at random to win $1,000 at 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm. Then for the last drawing at 7 pm, one lucky Club Red member will be chosen to win $7,000 in CASH. Rollover Riches - On drawing days, the pots starts at $1,500 and then $1,000 rolls over into the next hour’s drawing until we have a winner. You never know just how much cash will roll over to you with Rollover Riches. 2016 is already off to a great start for Club Red members, with our all-new, all-improved promos. Don’t miss a second of all the excitement happening right now at Nisqually Red Wind Casino.