Red Wind Newsletter May 2015

CLUB RED SPOTLIGHT This month, the Club Red Spotlight falls upon Jimmy and Reanna. Jimmy is the owner of Hubster Logging, Inc. and Reanna is an accountant for the company. They have a 13-year-old son, Koll, and two company mascots – their Boston Terriers, Cutter and Timber. Hubster Logging, Inc. has been in the logging business for over 20 years. The company has two locations – Eatonville and Buckley, Washington and employs 19 people. Hubster Logging is part of the Washington Contract Loggers Association serving individuals and businesses involved in the Pacific Northwest timber industry. The company is also a large object carrier operating under the United States Department of Transportation. Not only do Jimmy and Reanna work hard, they are both very self-motivated. They share interests like taking their dune buggy out to the sand dunes, going fishing and rebuilding their 1969 Chevy Truck custom hot rod with a 383 Stroker motor. Jimmy says, “These last four years together have been great; we like doing the same stuff and we really have a good time!” Reanna said, “It’s because two people fell in love.” Jimmy and Reanna also enjoy coming to Nisqually Red Wind Casino to relax on their time off from work. Jimmy says, “We are loggers by day and poker players by night!” Since 2011, the couple has had 51 jackpots; totaling over $60,000 in winnings. Guests like Jimmy and Reanna are what get us excited every day. We look forward to seeing them come back to Nisqually Red Wind Casino. $108,000 18 CANDLES Make a wish. Was it for a share of $108,000? It was? Irony! HOME SWEET HOME Winning a $25,000 Lowe’s gift card would be pretty darn sweet. BETTE MIDLER CONCERT TICKETS On Mother’s Day, show Mom she’s the wind beneath your wings.