Red Wind Newsletter JUL 2017

TEAM MEMBER SPOTLIGHT To celebrate our military and Independence Day, Red Wind is proud to feature Sarah Broome, Red Wind team member and veteran. There are 582,263 veterans in Washington alone and 21,369,602 nationwide who we salute this 4th of July. Sarah, a 39-year-old Ida, Louisiana native, joined the military at the age of 17, just as the Gulf War was ending. Coming from a town of about 400, Sarah was eager to leave small town life to experience the rest of the world. Leaving for basic training in May 1996 once she turned 18, Sarah went straight to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for nine weeks and then spent another nine weeks in advanced individual training (AIT) in fi nance, joining the 125th fi nance battalion. Sarah thrived under the structure and direction of her training. “At 18 that’s just what I needed,” Sarah remarked. Finishing up her training and ready to see the world, Sarah was stationed at Scofi eld Army Base, in Honolulu, Hawaii. What began as an island paradise quickly “turned into a rock with nowhere to go,” Sarah said. Hawaii was not all bad, however. She met her husband during her time there and soon they moved to Fort Bragg, North Carolina and had their son, then quickly moved again to NATO Headquarters in Naples, Italy. Living in Italy for three years opened up the Broome family to new experiences and especially new tastes. “Pizza here just isn’t the same,” Sarah said while remarking on the differences between the US and Italy. “There are pros and cons to [living in] each. You take it for granted, things like 24-hour stores here.” Their fi nal move was to Fort Lewis in 2002, right before her husband deployed to Iraq for a year-long tour. “It was scary,” Sarah said. Living in so many different parts of the world has given Sarah a unique perspective on the world and an appreciation for diversity and open mindedness. Coming home safe and sound, her husband retired after 20 years of service and they made Washington their home. Sarah began working at Red Wind in 2006 and has become a friendly face in the many departments she has worked in. Sarah worked with slots and security before using the skills she learned in the Army in the fi nance department. One of the best things the Army taught her is the benefi t of having structure in her job and discipline. With our annual July 4th celebration coming up, Sarah remembers her favorite 4th of July moment during basic training: “I love the 1812 Overture playing with cannon fi re that vibrates through your whole body and all the fl ags of the states displayed.” For the last few years, Sarah has spent her 4th of July with us at Red Wind and she looks forward to celebrating the 4th of July here with her family this year. JULY 4TH BBQ & FIREWORKS CELEBRATION WILD WIND KENO TOURNAMENT ROLLOVER RICHES Set forth to Red Wind this July 4th for BBQ, live entertainment and fi reworks. There’s a mighty wild wind a blowin’ into Red Wind on July 20. Get a roll on with a share of the CASH in July.