Red Wind Newsletter January 2015

THE SUITE LIFE SPOTLIGHT This month’s Spotlight is on Matt and Melinda, fans of the Seahawks and The Suite Life at Nisqually Red Wind Casino. Matt has been rooting for the Seahawks for as long as he can remember. He works for a remodeling company and lives in Lacey. Melinda is technically a Giants fan, but will root for the Seahawks as long as they aren’t playing the Giants. She works as a warranty administrator for a company in Lacey. Matt and Melinda have been together for almost two years. Matt has been coming to Red Wind for about 10 years and Melinda has been coming for four. In the past, they have been lucky enough to win Suite Life tickets. Melinda says she’s been to other suites but nothing compares to Red Wind’s. “It’s fun but not too crazy,” she says. “The food is cool, the private bathroom is a plus and the host is amazing!” One of their best times in the Suite was when they went to the Bears vs Seahawks game. The suite next to theirs had a Bears fan and they went back and forth taunting each other. At the end of the game, when the Bears lost, Matt wrote on a napkin, “Bad News Bears” and sent it over. It was all in fun and the Bears fan laughed it off. Getting to meet Taima the Hawk was special, too. “[The host] Carla said she had a surprise for us and we were all wondering what it could be,” says Melinda. “So when the Hawk came in, it was such a surprise!” What is not a surprise is that Red Wind is also Matt and Melinda’s favorite casino and the only place they play. One day, while watching the Seahawks in the Coho, Matt went out to play for a little bit during halftime. He came running in and grabbed Melinda’s shoulders and said he won! “I didn’t really believe him at first,” she says, “but when I went and saw all the attendants and security around, I knew he must have been serious.” He’d won $11,000 on Copper Dropper! “That was so exciting!” “We have a few trips planned for the future,” says Melinda. “Hawaii, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and in 2016 we’re going on a cruise! Thanks Red Wind for helping us live the Suite Life!” $36,000 TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT Take the cash in your case or leave it for a chance at more. The choice is yours. SHOOTIN’ THE BREEZE Club Red Plus benefits just keep adding up. Are you keeping track? NEW MARKET OPENING In the market for a new shopping stop? We’ve got just the place.