Red Wind Newsletter February 2015

CLUB RED AMBASSADORS SPOTLIGHT We recently upgraded our system to make it easier for guests to redeem points and rewards using Club Red Plus. Our friendly and helpful Club Red Ambassadors are on hand to help you set up your PIN to access your account from any slot machine and show you how Club Red Plus works. For those yet to try it, we can assure you it is very user friendly. With Club Red Plus, the ambassadors now have more time to engage with guests on the gaming floor. Anita, Guest Relations Manager, said, “I want to say how appreciative I am of the Club Red Team. They are always willing to go above and beyond any hurdles that we experience as a company. They are the best when it comes to guest services and are always willing to follow $54,000 HEARTFELT FORTUNE MATCH What’s not to love about this much cash? our department and company guest service standards.” The ambassadors are excited to have more time to get out from behind the counter and interact with guests on the gaming floor. Samantha, Club Red Ambassador, said, “I enjoy working with the new system, I get to learn something new. As guests learn and become more comfortable with Club Red Plus, they learn how convenient it is for them, and a huge plus is they have no lines to stand in!” We want to express our gratitude to our staff for their continued care for all our guests at Nisqually Red Wind Casino. Thanks, Club Red Team! SHOOTIN’ THE BREEZE The Wellness Team is well on its way to making us all well. CHINESE NEW YEAR PARTY Celebrating the Year of the Goat by partying like it’s the Year of the Monkey.