Red Wind Newsletter April 2015

NEW SMOKE-FREE AREA NOW OPEN Breathe a little easier, because the time is finally here. Our new smoke-free area is now open. This new section of the casino is more than just non-smoking - it’s completely smokefree! Inside, you’ll find 600 slot machines, table games, the new Medicine Creek Deli, Potlatch Gift Shop, Pealo’s Landing and a giant video wall. $54,000 CASH RE-FUN What’s more fun than taxes? Winning money! Or anything else! Try it and you’ll agree, the new smoke-free area is a breath of fresh air. And it’s just the beginning of the newly expanded Nisqually Red Wind Casino. Bigger. Better. Redder. PEALO’S LANDING Pealo’s is back, and now entirely smoke-free. SHOOTIN’ THE BREEZE There’s more room to breathe now at Red Wind.