Red Apple Reading Magazine August-September 2016 - Page 59

W WW WW W .. R RE ED DA AP PP P LL E ER RE EA AD D II N NG G .. C CO OM M BEST OF THE WEB BLOG: Teach Mama Reading specialist Amy Mascott has been sharing tools and resources for parents since 2008. Easily sort through articles via a drop-down menu. Great to follow on social media! READING: Storyline Online Popular children’s books read by wellknown actors via YouTube videos, with Activity Guide PDFs for talking points and activities related to the story. The best part: it’s free! FAMILY: Highlights: Your Child & You Tagline: Your partner in raising a caring, creative, curious, and confident kid. Our take: articles with stories, advice and how-to’s for parents, with filters for different age ranges, plus activity ideas, app links and coupons for their magazine. MATH: “Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and in all the nooks.” — Dr. Seuss Math Playground A fun collection of math games, logic puzzles, word problems, instructional videos and more. The free activities can be filtered for grades 1 to 6. RED APPLE READING RED APPLE READING 59