Red Apple Reading Magazine August-September 2016 - Page 54

W W W. R E D A P P L E R E A D I N G . C O M LITERACY TIME! BACK TO SCHOOL LIST Have your child write up a list of items needed for the new school year (younger children will need your help!). Encourage him or her to think of everything needed during the school day plus homework time at home. Then have the child search through his or her belongings at home and try to find as many things on the list as possible that can be used without having to buy it new. Check those items off of the list, and you are ready to go shopping for the rest! ALL ABOUT ME Help your child create a poster or collage all about him or her! Use magazine clippings, photos or drawings, in addition to markers or colored pencils. Make it as simple or complex as you’d like – scrapbooking materials and special papers or stickers can add some fun. Include the following: name, age, pets, friends, favorite color, favorite food, favorite hobby, favorite book, and goals. Older children can write out the information neatly or even type it up and print it. 54 RED APPLE READING