Red Apple Reading Magazine August-September 2016 - Page 4

W W W. R E D A P P L E R E A D I N G . C O M GETTING YOUR TODDLER READY TO READ KEEP BOOKS ACCESSIBLE Even though it will be a few years before your toddler is an independent reader, it’s never too early to put him or her on the right track! Here are Keep sturdy board books in a place where your little one can reach them during play time. Even if he is only interested in the pictures, he is learning to enjoy books. Lift-the-Flap books or other interactive books are perfect for this purpose. some ideas for introducing literacy to your little one. READ TO THEM This is one of the most important steps in promoting literacy to your children at almost any age. Regularly reading to them, and starting when they are very young, will teach them to be excited about books and help them associate reading with positive experiences. 4 MAKE IT FUN There are so many fun toys for young children that incorporate literacy. Let your kiddo play with alphabet blocks, letter refrigerator magnets, and letter stencils. You may also consider getting toys that say the names of letters out loud. Not only is this yet another great way to associate words and letters with fun, but it also helps your child become familiar with letter names and sounds.