Red Apple Reading Magazine August-September 2016 - Page 2

CONTENTS 04 GETTING YOUR TODDLER READY TO READ Ideas to start little ones on the path to reading. 06 DINNER AND A BOOK Make a quick weeknight meal and enjoy First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg. 08 READING SPECIFICS: A Balanced Approach to Teaching Reading 10 BOOK REVIEWS 6 popular book series your children will love! 12 TIPS! 7 ways to help your child find a good book. 13 STORY TIME! Read about Ellie’s first day in Ellie Goes Back to School. 14 LEVEL A - ELLIE GOES BACK TO SCHOOL Best for reading out loud to pre-readers or for fluent reader practice – plus two pages of fun literacy activities. 27 LEVEL B - ELLIE GOES BACK TO SCHOOL Simplified story text for emerging readers – two fun pages of literacy activities after. 40 LEVEL C - ELLIE GOES BACK TO SCHOOL Early reader version of the story – followed by two fun pages of literacy activities. 53 COMPREHENSION SKILLS Check in with these story questions after reading Ellie Goes Back to School. 54 LITERACY TIME Engaging activities that promote literacy. 56 LITERACY LINEUP Birthdays and special days for the months of August and September. 58 SPOTLIGHT ON... …TIKKI TIKKI TEMBO Review from a young and nostalgic book critic. 59 BEST OF THE WEB Editor picks of incredible online resources for families. 2 ©2016 Red Apple Reading. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use and any reproduction or redistribution of part or all of this material without express and written permission is strictly prohibited. For questions or inquiries please email