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My View

"Are some Doctors the

biggest Drug Dealers?"

Dr. Feelgood are a British pub rock band formed in 1971. The band's name derives from a slang term for heroin or for a doctor who is willing to over prescribe.

My first encounter with a Dr Feel-good started in the early 90s, I went to the doctors as I usually did and my normal doctor wasn’t in so I saw a doctor, I had never seen before. I asked him for tamazepam or diazepam and he asked me how many?

I was so shocked and could not believe my luck, after he wrote my prescriptions out as I was still in shock I just stuffed them in my pocket and was that excited I did not even look at it until I got to the chemist. I nearly fell over when I realised he had written me up for 200 x 20mg tamazepam and 200 x 10mg diazepam.

I was in my element but I got very greedy and used to go every week . The secretaries must have realised or been told to keep their eyes out for us, so sometimes I used to have to sneak in to see him. Sometimes the doctor would ask where my medical files were? I would explain that my solicitor had my files due to me putting in for a claim, I would even take him a bottle of whiskey which he gladly accepted. So our relationship bloomed. It ended up coming to an end I think when I went to prison.

“I could have

sold them on the street

for £400”

After Prison I ended up sneaking into doctors surgeries, and searching for the prescription pads and on one occasion I copped for a pad which was full and every script had been written out for flu jabs and bottles of Gaviscon with a big gap at the bottom of every script which I filled in with 60 tamazepam and 42 diazepam.

“I never suffered

from heartburn”

We would buy all day bus tickets and just float around Liverpool doing the scripts, we got away with every single one of them scripts so underneath my bed was just full of bottles of Gaviscon so I didn’t suffer with heartburn for a long time after that.

In this article im not saying that all doctors over prescribe, but in my experience some did, checks have become more stringent and you could probably not get away with things I did now, but there are still doctors who will overprescribe legal drugs that don't really fix the problem but exasperate it.

Kenneth Graham

Service User – Genie In The Gutter