Recovery Rises ISSUE 3 - Page 8

“For Crying Out Loud.”

By C. Leech

A note to all new readers:

My name is Christopher Leech, I have written previously in this spirituality column and I tend to have reoccurring ideas. I am currently a student of Psychology and Criminal justice and I find there are lots of things spiritual to be found in day-to-day events that you may find yourself thinking about. Also I tend to make reference to music as I feel it is a type of philosophy.

For Crying Out Loud, a common phrase. Perhaps you know it from the casual usage of the phrase maybe even the popular Meat Loaf song from hit album Bat Out Of Hell? Personally I’ve made reference to the song, as I find his music somewhat thought provoking, but just remember that phrase throughout this article. You will be reading it a lot maybe even saying it.

A few weeks ago I awoke and turned my television on, I found a popular morning television “chat show” on. There was a large debate ensuing, the more I watched the more horrified I became. I realize that may sound like a bold statement but allow me to explain.

The debate was about “Is big beautiful” as an initial phrase that could mean many things I’m sure, height, cars whatever. No this was referring to weight. The debate had two spokespersons, one a larger lady saying bigger was more beautiful and a somewhat skinny lady saying the opposite.

The debate was heated and had somewhat pathetic points for arguments about which is better. Let just interject that whatever your opinion is, that’s fine. I have my own opinion too, personally I think this is just preference to what one find beautiful. I also believe that weight is not important health is. You can affect your health by being underweight or overweight and people often forget that it goes both ways. Ahem.

Going back to this display of stupidity on television. The debate carried on and the points were ridicules, like they really were poorly shaped and simply an “I’m right you’re wrong” argument every too seconds. I personally found that regardless of your stance on this opinion, like me you would have been horrified to see these people representing the public opinion on this matter.

have to say this went nowhere it was pointless, nothing more than a mudslinging contest, I was really angered by this. A pathetic meaningless debate was taking up morning television? Why? For no reason. Yes there are health issues and weight is something people love to go on about on television. But why? Who cares? What difference does it matter if you’re big or small? As long as you’re health is not affected then why have this pointless argument?

Now, you may be wondering why the flip have I brought this to your attention? You may very well be having a reaction similar to mine and wondering why people having such arguments are even allowed outside. I’m bringing it up because there are bigger problems in the world than if someone thinks having a stomach or not is there attractive preference. For crying out loud, it does not matter.

I’m a man of psychology, it is common knowledge that there are weight issues in the world and it has a massive effect on people about body image. “We have to look this way, or that way” eating disorders are real and life ruining, if it’s not eating or eating too much it’s a psychological condition.

Guess who’d responsible for people dying from anorexia and such? Think carefully now.

WE ARE! We as a society care too much about looks, and sizes that seemingly we care about little else and what for? Nothing. Why was this debate on television? There are people all over watching this and on some level it will have effected them. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought about my size. Then realized I don’t give I flying spaceship. I think I’m healthy, I exercise and eat healthy when I can. I wouldn’t be so bold as to say I’m super happy with how I look but I am who I am.

This debate probably also caused others to look at themselves, maybe caused some people to maybe skip a meal, eat some more? I couldn’t guess. But I’d bet that it did.

Once again I ask why? Who told us we have to care about our shirt size, or be this thin or this large? There are wars going on in the world, people dying, the world is in economic meltdown and our morning broadcasters feel a need to full our heads with images and thoughts of meaningless rubbish!

Weight, size does not matter. If you are healthy then what difference does it make? Believe it or not, we can have any shape we want. The human species is designed to gain fat in winter to help keep warm in the cold and then lose it in summer to be able to withstand the heat. There’s optimal change. Why is it we are so bothered? I know sadly I can’t change everyone’s minds, but FOR CRYING OUT LOUD I will try.

If you’re still reading then I ask you to do one thing, ask yourself are you healthy? What do you think about how you look? Why? If you can function and you are not grossly underweight or overweight than congratulations. Throw yourself a party, have some cake and then tomorrow get off the bus a stop early to burn it off. You should be happy. I’m telling you to. If others can tell you that you need to change than I’m saying you don’t need to change at all.

This is an issues close to my own heart, it has effected someone I deeply care about. It sickens me, and enrages me to think some idiot has made it so easy for everyone to be so self-deprecating towards themselves because of a few numbers. Only we can change how we think so let’s do it!

Be happy, for crying out loud just don’t worry and you’ll probably find yourself to feel much happier too. I know I do, be happy with how you look, if you’re not then make a change I know for a fact just expelling some physical energy can make me feel better, but don’t feel some need to change yourself so drastically that you stop enjoying life. That is the point friends, because believe it or not, we only get one go around this track, sometimes it is not as long as you would want it to be. I don’t know about you but I’m going to enjoy and saver every last second. I hope you do the same.

Live your life for yourself; if we all do that society which is made up of us will change too.

- Christopher Leech