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Safe Gaming

Research into negative game play and the harmful effects it can have on the end user; being the conditions such as migraines and tinnitus, and up to really harmful conditions like epilepsy and severe back stress which can lead to sciatica; but, if practised in a safe environment, sticking to the correct time restraints under parental supervision, gaming can be a lot of fun in some cases can also be educationally beneficial, depending on the type of game. The armed forces are taking full advantage of modern technology, including blue chip technology and artificial intelligence, which has all come to the forefront of modern gaming in general. To summarise, as long as you play intermittently, and take regular rest breaks, then most people should be all right so keep gaming

Hard Core Gamer's

It has been documented by some of the world’s leading doctors that South Korea is perhaps the world’s leader in terms of diagnosis and treatment of gaming and internet addictions. After wiring the nation with the world’s fastest broadband infrastructure the South Korean government has brought forward plans to put funds in place to get the required support for its citizens in terms of gaming addictions. It's said that about 8% of the country's population aged 9 to 39 suffer from some sort of gaming or internet addiction. According to a 2012 government study, what’s going on now in South Korea is like having a peep through a looking-glass to find a glimpse into what our own country's gaming culture, and most other European countries too, once our technological infrastructures catches up, could be like, and it may be pretty poor if we don’t take heed and get a handle on it.

Signs & Symptoms - Top Signs You Need Help With Gaming or Internet Addiction

Do you or someone you know spend too much time playing video or computer games or going online? Here are some ways to tell if you need to ask for help:

1.Disrupted regular life patern’s - if the person plays all night long and sleeps in the day time this could be looked at as warning sign that he or she should seek professional advice and help.

2.If you think that he or she might be on the way to losing their job, or not going to school, just in order to be able to play the computer or indulge in online gambling.

3.You feel really happy when you're online or when you're playing games, but as soon as you have to stop, you get angry or upset.

4.You think about going online or playing when you are supposed to be focusing on other things, or having dinner with your family.

5.You spend more time with your keyboard or controller than physically hanging out with your friends.

6.You are asked what you spend all your time doing, you’re not available anymore, you're always busy on the computer etc.; you lie about it or laugh it off, but inside you know they may have a point.

7.You get up in the middle of the night to go online, play a game, check your e-mail or your Myspace comments etc. - because you're having a hard time sleeping.

If you want to seek help for yourself or a loved one you can contact:

OLGA (Online Gaming Addictions) & OLG-ANON. If you google online gamers anonymous you will find lots of help, support, anonymous chat rooms etc.

OLG and OLG-ANON’S Mission Statement: On-Line Gamers Anonymous is a fellowship of people sharing their experience, strengths and hope to help each other recover and heal from the problems caused by video game addiction.

People seem to be more aware of addiction nowadays, it’s not as taboo as it used to be. There are probably many reasons for this, media, celebrities, the ever increasing use of technology, but also, I’m sure, the gaming industry. The gaming press have recently highlighted the pitfalls of online and other gaming addictions, and whilst the advancements in all technologies, the IPad etc., have great benefits, most households, especially those with children, now realise the dangers of online gaming and gambling addictions. Recent years have shed light on the fact that gaming addictions can be a really serious problem for some, and has totally blighted many people’s lives, both young and old, addiction has no boundaries at all, rich or poor, male or female etc. - it welcomes you all! In my own experience I have been addicted to drugs for over twenty seven years, so you would think that if anyone should recognise another addiction, it would be me, but I didn't. I would sit in my room for hours on hours at a time, not worrying about anything as long I could finish the next level of the game I was on at the time. I can remember when my mum was cleaning up around the house; she would let me go up to my room to play on my computer. I think that's where it must of unknowingly started for me, but the scariest thing is I find myself telling the kid's to do the same as my mum would do to me. I just hope I don't start them on something that I have started, or more importantly that they will regret. It seems all too easy to play online, where ever you are, be it on the phone, the laptop or a console - its easy access to online gaming – and can be very addictive and potentially dangerous for some people.

Gaming Addictions by D2DI Learner Gary Hunter