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I was born in Liverpool in 1940 down by the docks. I was the youngest out of three brothers and one sister who were evacuated to Wales due to the war. My earliest memories consisted of going to the air raid shelters with my mum during the war. My mums grocery store was bombed in 1941.

"My Mum's grocery store was bombed in 1941"

I had quite a fortunate upbringing compared to many, such as having shoes to go to school in when my other school friends didn't. Our school, St Albans, was also bombed which meant I had to move schools which was a 5 mile walk everyday to receive an education.

I left school when I was 15 but before then I received trials for Liverpool FC, but was unfortunately too small to progress as a goal keeper.

After leaving school I became part of the American Maritime with a company called Victory Carriers, as a steward in the catering departments. This involved travelling to Iceland, New York Cardiff and returning to Liverpool on a periodic basis supplying the American Army bases.

At only 15 ½ I remember whilst in New York I missed the ship which meant I had

to spend 6 weeks basically living on the beach finding odd jobs to get me through. I eventually managed to get back on the ship getting back to Liverpool. A short time after being a shore I applied to join the Merchant Navy Training School, I was accepted for training and spent 6 weeks

training in Gloucester.

I spent seven years in the Navy before getting married at the young age of 23. I left the Merchant Navy and started work on the Liverpool Docks as a train putter-out and also worked as a Hatch boss and Store Keeper.

I left the Docks at 28 to move onto work with Ford Motor company (Halewood) I left after 2 years and went working for a friend who was a Glazer and carried onto work with for 8 years.

I then moved to Nottingham working in all trades from sand blasting to acid cleaning, painting and decorating.

I spent 9 years in Nottingham in this time my marriage broke down. I gave my job up in order to try and build up my relationship up with my family which didn't work and led to my divorce.

"This is when my drinking started to become a problem"

This is when my drinking started to become a problem, this was both socially in pubs as well as at home.

Alcohol took its toll, it changed me as a person, I was becoming unsociable, fed up and know I needed to change my ways.

Eventually I went to see my doctor about my drinking he advised me to go to LCAS (Liverpool Community Alcohol Services). Here I was appointed a care worker who managed to put me in touch with Genie In the Gutter, Liverpool.

Here I found the service very helpful and it has since aided me in overcoming my addiction with alcohol. It has helped start to socialise with other people who I share the same common ground of addiction with. Its helped me realise I'm not the only one and that Genie is a great place for people trying to overcome addiction.

I have been coming here for over 2 months and feel with the support and help of Genie I'm getting stronger week by week.


Service User - Genie in the Gutter