Recovery Rises ISSUE 3 - Page 4

our core value is hospitality, in the sense of opening our hearts and minds, so we can learn and develop together in a spirit of understanding and friendship.

We deliver bespoke courses in faith awareness and community cohesion for public, private and voluntary/community sector organisations across Merseyside, including schools and colleges.

We established the UK’s first grass-roots inter-faith/cultural Youth Council, uniting young people from diverse backgrounds and empowering them to become promoters of positive community spirit.

We partner with Genie In The Gutter in the delivery of our Da Hungry Must Be Fed course.

Learners prepare delicious, healthy food from around the world, learn traditional hospitality skills, inspirational stories and reflect on positive values.

Learners can also progress onto our new LifeCraft course. This combines traditional woodcrafts with more

inspirational stories and reflections on the walk of life.

Liverpool Community Spirit is a grass-roots community education partnership. We draw on the wisdom of Liverpool’s rich diversity of faith and cultural communities. We deliver our own unique education programmes for people of all ages.

These programmes promote the personal development, confidence and aspirations of our learners. At the same time, they develop long-lasting community spirit across Merseyside, tackling faith and cultural misunderstandings that cause fear and division.

'De Hungry must be fed'