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4. Liverpool Community Spirit

5. The Green Generation

6. My Story - Patrick Grant

7. Gaming Addicition

8. Spirituality

9. Dr Feelgood

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11. Community Detox

12. A is for Addict

14. Journey Story

16. 12 steps

18. Journey Story

20. Life and liver

21. Drugs and Booze


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26 NA meeting

Genie would like to thank

Niace, Mark Gilman, Steph Brindle, Alena Slaniniova, Nino, Paul Dustville, Jay O, Brian Whitby & All GITG staff

Welcome to the third edition of Recovery Rises online which is also the last edition of our pilot scheme, ‘From Drugs to Digital Inclusion’; although we are very pleased to announce that we have secured future funds for the magazine and other digital inclusion programs at Genie In The Gutter, to continue beyond the pilot. This means that next term, September, we will continue with a full programme of digital and media training including recovery online, introductions to social networking, publishing and production. If anyone is interested in these courses either for yourself, your clients, your employees and or another group, please contact

Recovery treatment and its associated funding landscapes are ever changing. It’s been a difficult year for both the private and public sectors in terms of economy, but the voluntary and third sector organizations, that are doing fantastic work with some triumphant outcomes, are particularly under threat. Collaborations, coalitions, constitutions….. all forming part of substance misuse workers and commissioners daily vocabulary lately…. necessary and required dialogue, and often bringing on insecurities and fear of change. Amidst this the D2DI team are keen to keep reminding each other of the real reason we are here - to facilitate treatment and recovery from addiction, to witness people turn their lives around. Tony’s journey story on page 17 and Patrick’s on page 14 plays testament to what our work is all about and why we do it.

Referencing above the ever changing landscape of drug and alcohol services, our feature interview with Mark Gilman, the respected, innovative, forward thinking National Recovery Manager at Public Health England, talks candidly about asset based community development along with the many changes and re-modernization Public Health England is facing. Marks passion and pioneering nature stand strong throughout the interview, at times it would seem like he bangs to the beat of his own drum; we enjoy his rhythms. Gilman could easily sit in his ivory tower handing down strategies and re- inventing wheels, but he doesn’t, he travels to ground level and gets involved. It is this type of commitment that substance misuse workers require to help facilitate service user’s full recoveries, how wonderfully encouraging to see it in a place that we expect to be a bureaucratic only zone. In addition to above, there’s more personal journey stories, news, reviews, and poems about singing the blues…something for everyone. Discover and recover…

The Drugs To Digital Inclusion Team.

Angela Fagan, Kenneth Graham, Terry O'Driscoll, Terry McCaig, Patrick & Gary Hunter


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