Recovery Rises ISSUE 3 - Page 13



O is for One and that's too many for me

Don't pick up the first drug and you too can be free

Our Own way has failed us, but if you open your mind

Opportunities and options from god will be signed.

P is for Pity - Poor Little Old Me I would sigh

Through Pipes, Porn and Prostitutes I chased many false highs

Now my Peers and the Programme have helped me to see

That the best P is for Power - one greater than me.

Q is for Queue's - triggering rage I can't Quell

For the Quiet my mind sought, and the Quilt where I'd dwell

Questions seeking Quick fixes, in Quicksand they sink

I need the Fellowship's Qualities

To Quit drugs and drink.

R is for Reservations- A dangerous "perhaps"

Be Rid of them, smash them, don't Reserve a Right to Relapse

Recoery is Rubbished by some addicts with glee

Remember R is for Recovery - and it's Recovery for me.

S is for Selfish, Self Obsessed, so spiritually Sick

Seeking Something to Spark Sad Spirit's Spluttering wick

Share's, Sponsor, Steps - The Solution - "Do what's Suggested" they say

My Spirit Soars doing Service - So to Stay Sober must give it away.

T is for Talking and Truth Telling Too

The Therapeutic value of me helping you

Tea, Traditions and Tears - Learning to Trust

To be Totally abstinent Twelve steps are a must.

U is for Using- the Unhappy tale of my life

Unloving, Unreliable - my addiction was rife

Unconditional Understanding, Unbroken Unity - Us

It's now being useful to others that give me my buzz.

V is for Virtue but also for Vice

Vying Vainly, chose wrongly and so paid the price

Today I have Values - There is always a choice

By Vigorous action I can find my own Voice.

W is for Wistful, Wishing and Why's

Wallowing in a Web of dreams Woven with lies

For Willingness, Work and Wanting to give

We've got to Walk out of Winter to Wake up and live.

X is for Xerxes, an ancient Persian who lost

But knowledge won't save me as I know to my cost

X-Rays and science can see under the skin

But can't tell the strength of the spirit within.

Y is for my "Yets" - Jails and death are the ends

That's where I am going if to relapse descend

You may think I exaggerate or would scare modern Youth

But all I have is my experience and these "Yets" are my truth

Z is for "Zidele Amathambo" - It's An African phrase

"Give yourself up bones as well" because honesty pays

Z is traditionally the alphabet's last letter

But this poem's about a fresh start and a new life that's better…


A is for Abstinence just a day at a time

Could be your road to freedom I'm finding It's mine

Absolute Always and not done in sorrow

It's worked again today so I'll try it tomorrow

Peter R

STEP 4 Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves

STEP 3 Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him