Recovery Rises ISSUE 3 - Page 11




"Where's your head at?"


My name is Terry O'Driscoll, I am 49 years old and am the third child of a family of four, two sisters and one brother. I grew up in Dovecot Liverpool. Growing up I always wanted to be the centre of attention, robbing and skipping school, anything to seek approval from the older lads (my brothers mates.) At 12 years old I was arrested for stealing a racer bike off a young man and assaulting him with a knife. I recieved a care order until I was 16 and after was sent to Borstal UTMV. This was the start of a lengthy period of crime and imprisonment ending when I was 42. I got put on a Methadone programme after twenty years of class A drugs. I had simply got sick and tired of being in and out of jail, thinking, am I destined to do this all my life ? Five years ago I went to my first NA meeting and realised there was a way out. I stuck to my methadone until a place at Phoenix House became available, this is where I completed the first thing in my life. This was a therapeutic community and after this I carried on with my NA meetings, during which I found out I had a disease and leaving it untouched could break out in a lengthy prison sentence or worse. I have had a few relapses since being around but I know I have worked on myself enough to be successful at my next detox at Olive Branch on the Wirral. I will continue with my NA meetings as I feel I still have a lot more to learn although I have learnt a lot about recovery and how to keep on learning.

Do you want support taking prescribed or illegal Benzo-Diazopanes?

The safety of Detoxing in the community (Benzo's) should always be done under a Doctors supervision, community detox can be supported by your doctor Dart or Addaction support group, but should always be done under supervision. Community detox may be suitable for you if you are prescribed Methadone and want to detox..

Some tips for a successful detox include Being clear about the advice your doctor is giving you, or talking to your key worker about the different challenges that are coming up for you and how best to manage them without drugs i.e. stress, loneliness, cravings etc.

Another tip is to attend all scheduled meetings and engage in relapse prevention and care planning. Lastly we get the most back when we engage honestly.

There is preparation to be made with a key worker or G.P. For any community detox. Any detox carries risks and you will need your key worker and your G.P. to consult with each other.

After detox The dangers of relapse involve the risk of overdosing as your tolerance gets lower each day. Alcohol & drugs overdose can lead to death.

Not following your doctors advice on Benzo detox means you could risk a seizure.

By Terry O'Driscoll