Reason and Rhyme Reason and Rhyme_2018SP - Page 8

The Blast (By: Katelyn Carr, 1 st place short story winner) High Minister Andromeda sat on her throne. It wasn’t a pretty throne, nor was she in a pretty room. The walls and floor were made of stone, as was her throne. Though it wasn’t very decorative, there were black curtains draped along the wall with the crest of their island, Adal. On the island of Adal, Andromeda was the High Minister. She headed their small island’s government and kept it and her island neat and organized. One such time to organize an event was the Festival of the Bees. The eerie s ilence in the throne room was broken by Andromeda’s personal advisor. Though being quite young, Evelyn’s tutors had continually bragged of her high intelligence and sharpness. When Evelyn became of age, Andromeda immediately assessed her and, Evelyn passing with tremendously high marks, invited her to join the government as Andromeda’s advisor and assistant. Evelyn walked hastily with her head down, as did any who wished to enter the presence of the High Minister in her throne room, and came to a stop a good distance away from the throne itself. Andromeda did not look down at her with her head, but instead kept her head high and her eyes fixed on Evelyn. “High Minister Andromeda,” said Evelyn, lifting her head to gaze at her leader. Andromeda gave a small nod, which allowed Evelyn to speak. She held up a lunar chart. “We have finished the preparations for the Festival of the Bees, High Minister. It will be held tomorrow from morning to evening. The Blast will come the next day,” said Evelyn. Once every twenty years, a giant swarm of bees, known as the Blast, migrated across Adal. It was an amazing yet terrible thing, for the bees dropped small bits of dried honey, which at the end of the Blast was collected, cleaned, and sold at the market. But these bees were known to be very vicious, and attacked any moving being which they detected as a threat to their migration. “Speaking of preparations,” said Andromeda, “do you have everything set for the Blast itself?” Evelyn nodded. She put away her lunar chart and pulled out another scroll. “Cattle have been packed 7