Reason and Rhyme Reason and Rhyme_2018SP - Page 6

Tree of New Beginnings (By: Jared Pinkey, 2 nd place poetry winner) In that moment, it was the Rebirth of something inside of me; and it was beautiful. As I stand at the roots and adapt its natural environment; I’m memorized. The sun beams down above me, as I watch the vibrant leaves fall gracefully to the ground. The wind strikes my ears recklessly and perpetually begs for my attention. Something that once started so small and insignificant, now stand in vibrant glory as its branches spread wide and beg to be admired. My body drips exuberance, and I’ll leave it in a puddle for the soil beneath my feet. As I edge forward, its presence pushes against my chest and embraces me. A new hope, a new ambition, a new dream. Somehow within an instant, I acquired all three. It breathes into me and regulates the oxygen throughout my body with precise fluidity. My resolve stands unmoved and untouched. The thoughts that were once my own, drift into the open-air and slice thought the molecules around me like invisible razor blades. Leaves on the branches lightly rustle against each other as I stand in silence, but the dialogue between the wind and my thoughts speak loudly. 5