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Our Favorites Mrs. Wendy Fields discusses one of her many favorite pieces of literature. I have so many favorite pieces of literature, one from each genre, but my favorite all-time nonfiction book is a memoir by James McBride entitled The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother. It is a beautifully written piece that tells the story of family and what motherly love really means. McBride praises his mother, a daughter of a Jewish rabbi who married a black man and moved to Harlem, New York. McBride tells a moving, emotional story of how his mom raised twelve children despite various struggles. She worked hard to put all twelve children through college and made sure they all attended church services. All twelve became successful in different areas of society. The memoir is an amazing tribute to this wonderful woman from a son who says he always knew his mother “was different” but never understand until he was an adult himself her personal sacrifices to make sure her family knew the that only two things matter in life—education and religion. I cry every time I read passages in this book as it touches my heart. 25