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was the next best thing, according to the coach. I didn’t tell my Mom that I was playing that position that day because I knew that she would get more excited than she needed to and probably tell me to see if I could play that position all the time if I did well. Unfortunately, I did not do well. I had never gotten an injury in a soccer game before that night, other than normal ones that come with the game - twisted ankles, a soccer ball to the groin, and bruises (lots and lots of bruises). After that game, I’m sure I got more injuries than anyone ever had in two weeks. For the record, I am sure no one had ever gotten a black eye from running smack into the side of goal, but I did. When I got home that night, Abby, who was five at the time, was sitting at the table in her pajamas eating a bowl of Cheerios. They were her favorite, after all. “What happened to you?” She asked, noticing the ice pack in my hand and the purple circle of disappointment surrounding my swollen, purple eye. “I just hit something. It’s no big deal.” I said, trying to smile. “It doesn’t even hurt.” She laughed at me. “I thought you played soccer, not baseball.” “At least [HY^H[K'H[HZY \H[\YH]['YXZ YXZ [^\HHX[H^Y\'HHZY \H[YHYY\]܈XZH[\XBX܈^H^YKH]YHYH]\[ HݙY\؈\H\KH\\X܈]؋HYBXHYYKH\H[Z[[H\H\ۋ[وH[YKH[Y[X\H\[YHB[Y\H\XZ[HZH܈ۙHوHYY\]H\ HY]YHۈXZ\ۙK]H[۝[YH\۝\][ۋH[YX]]\[ۈ]YZ[H]B]Z[[YHوHY\ۙ\ˈ[HYYH[ܙHYZ[[H\[]XYBYH\Y[ H\HݙY\[[[\]\[[H\[Y[B\[x&[H\Hx&\[\\\KH[Y ]H[^]YHYKN