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When I saw how quickly her expression changed from sarcastic to sad, I tried my best not to smile. She was the kind of person who didn’t accept excuses under any circumstances. But, before I knew it, she was crying. She was emotional about everything then. “When Cole --- gets home --- from work --- we will talk about this --- again.” She said between sobs. I smile when I think about that time. We later found out that I got all those nosebleeds from the dust in the ceilings of the school house. It feels like a lifetime ago. Little did I know, my mom was pregnant with Abby at the time. I’m not even sure if she knew. That was why her emotions were all over the place. She came and apologized to me for “being a little dramatic” as she put it. I remember laughing about it together later. “Mom was one of those people that everyone always wants on their team. She wasn’t perfect, but she was great at solving problems. She was a team player who made people feel like they were loved and appreciated even if she was the only person who would ever make them feel that way. I never met anyone who didn’t like her; then again, I’m sure no one else has either.” I played varsity soccer in my freshman, sophomore, and senior years of high school. I broke my leg during my junior year. I don’t even remember how. Not because I particularly enjoyed kicking a ball or getting stepped on with metal cleats, but because my Mom was probably the biggest soccer fan I had ever known. She loved to just go outside and kick the ball around, even when I was a kid. She tolerated basketball and she even let me be the kicker in football. (She had this fear that I would get tackled too many times and it would “take away my God-given smarts”) Soccer season was just what she waited for. With her being a nurse, she was able get the help I needed if I got hurt. During my sophomore year, I was usually a defensive player. I’m an aggressive person even when I’m not playing sports, so my coach gave that to me right away. In one game in particular, they let me be the keeper. I had barely practiced that position all week, but our regular keeper had the flu. So, I 18