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who was picking on me because my nose was bleeding. Naturally, the day ended with me sitting in the principal’s office staring at the fish in the aquarium while he yelled at me. “August, this isn’t like you at all. In all the time that you’ve been at this school, the only time I have seen you in here was when you bit Marcy Meyers back when you were in kindergarten. I’ll have you know, this is completely unacceptable,” Principal Smith said. His orangey red mustache made his mouth look animated as spittle made its way into the air instead of staying in his mouth. I apologized to the boy I had punched that day. Of course, when I got home, the situation got much worse. “August Oliver Johnson,” My mom yelled. She only yelled when she got angry. I suppose that is where I got it from. “You punched a boy today? What were you thinking?” “Mom, I’m sor---” “Oh no. I do not want to hear the apologies or the excuses. No T.V. for a month. You’re officially grounded until I say otherwise. We do not punch people, Gus.” “But Mom--” “I just don’t understand. You have never gotten into a fight at school before.” She kept on ranting for a while. It felt like forever, but I know it wasn’t. “Mom, can I at least tell you why I hit him?” I finally said when she calmed down. “I guess so.” she said. “He was making fun of me because my nose always bleeds. So, I got mad and I hit him. I know it doesn’t make it right.” 17