Reason and Rhyme Reason and Rhyme_2018SP - Page 17

“Well, you know, Gus, I don’t like to put it that way. It makes it sound too sad. I like to say that he walked ‘into the garden.’ Doesn’t that sound happier?” She asked, glancing at me in the rearview mirror. “Why is it a garden?” I asked. “Because gardens help me remember that sometimes, people can be like flowers. They are here for a little while, but might be gone sooner than we expect. Sort of like how seasons come and go.” “Grandpa really liked his garden. I think he would have liked to say it that way, too.” I replied, not even beginning to realize the metaphor of the words she had just spoken. “I believe Grandpa liked those orange flowers. What are they called again?” “Day lilies, sweetie. Those were his favorite. He said they always reminded him that something good was just around the corner.” We had ridden in silence a gFW"FBגF( BƖVBf"VRF6VRW"7'6Rv6( @&6gV'V2'WB6RvFVBVRFF6Rv27G&rWr6Rv2BvF6VBB&PF7VB&Vf&RRF&VvWBגvR6FB6Rv2BVVRvbWpWfW'FrWfVFw22Fff7VBFW2FVF6RvVBfRvFVBRFrrV66R&V6FVBR&VrW&RFvB6Rv2FƶV@&WBrV6FRVRbF2ƗGFRFvG'VǒfVBV6FW"FW7FRFV"FffW&V6W2vFWfW F6RFffW&V6W2&R6RfVBWfW'RFR6RWfVbFWFF( BV6W76&ǒfRW"FR6Pv6Rv2vVFR6Vv7FBWf"FRVRv6VF( B7FBWf"FV6VfW2vVv2FR6WfVFw&FR7F'FVBFvWB6R&VVG2FWvW&RW7Vǒ6f7B6VF( @7FFVvFWBFrג6RVFBW7B7FVBv2W"fW&vR&RV&W'G&גf6Pv2W7B&VvrF7&6vVVVB"6rFvRFvBfvBvF&66`