Reason and Rhyme Reason and Rhyme_2018SP - Page 11

leaned sharply toward the left. Andromeda let out a shriek of surprise as the board flew from under her feet and she fell upon the ground. She thought she was fine until a searing pain flew to her ankle. She clutched her ankle, desperately hoping for the pain to cease, but it did not. Evelyn shrieked also, and threw herself down toward High Minister Andromeda’s feet. She tested it tenderly, but when Andromeda allowed her to turn it over, there was an odd sight. Andromeda’s ankle was angled abnormally. Evelyn stood up, dusted herself off, and said shakily, “It’s broken.” Andromeda’s mere spark of anger grew to a flame. She turned to Carmen and Harper, who were looking worried also. “Your little ‘invention’ here just broke my ankle!” she roared. “We’re sorry,” said the twins, and though the statement was genuine, Andromeda was not quick to forgive them. Before Andromeda could say, or yell, anything else, she heard a scream. Her citizens were all sprinting around in chaos. Andromeda, down on the ground, did not know what was going on. All she could see was chaos and panic. Evelyn let out a scream and pointed to the sky. Andromeda looked up and saw a giant black blob. Her anger had vanished, and fear had struck her like a snake. Up in the sky was, no doubt, a swarm. Adal was not prepared. The Blast had come early. 10