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“– and fun, if you’ve mastered riding it,” finished Harper. Carmen grabbed the hover board and hurried outside. “Let us show you,” said Harper, and Andromeda surprised herself by following her outside. “We make computers, but we made this little invention too, so we sell that and computers,” said Harper, merely making conversation. “I do not have time for childish things,” said High Minister Andromeda, who didn’t know what a computer was. “Oh, it doesn’t have to be childish,” said Carmen. “It has multiple uses. You travel faster using this.” She placed it on the ground and stepped onto it. When the board detected weight, it lifted into the air. Andromeda realized that when Carmen leaned one way, the board carried her that way. She could not help but be amazed, but she did not show it, of course. “Is it safe?” she asked. Both girls nodded eagerly once more. “Definitely, if you know how to handle it,” they said. The High Minister had forgotten about the rudeness she detected in the strangers’ way of talking. “Would you like to try it?” said Harper. High Minister Andromeda glared at them suspiciously, but couldn’t help wondering if it was worth a try. Before she had thoroughly decided, she saw Evelyn walking toward her. “Greetings, High Minister Andromeda,” said Evelyn. “Greetings, Evelyn,” Andromeda replied. Evelyn looked at the hover board confusedly. Andromeda thought that Evelyn need not know this business, but Carmen and Harper explained everything to her. Evelyn’s priorities seemed to be in the same place as her High Minister’s. “Is it safe for the High Minister to use?” she asked them. The twins nodded. Evelyn looked to Andromeda. “This is your decision to make, High Minister Andromeda, and I will not involve myself unless you require me to,” she said. Andromeda shook her head. “That will not be necessary,” Andromeda said sharply, and Evelyn took a step back. Andromed ѕѼѡٕȁɐ+q1ѕɕձѼ̰ԁݥtͅ!ȸ!5ѕȁɽЁѡ)ɬȸMձeЁٔȁ̸MЁѡɅ́ѽȸ5ɔ)ЁɑȁȁѼѡѡ͔Ʌ́ݕɔЁ̰ЁՑ̄Qٕȁɐ)ѕ͕ѼѡȰɽɥݡЁ ɵ!ȁݕɔՍѥȁѼ(