Realty411 Magazine Featuring Eric Counts, Credit Nerds - Page 73

"I believed that I could early on. I always knew I would succeed." With this in mind, Counts stresses to his clients the importance of utilizing credit effectively: “Credit is for a PURPOSE, not a purchase. If you are financing something that is not creating you any additional income, you have to consider the consequences of inefficient debt.” If anyone you know is facing credit issues, be sure to send them to an honest, ethical, and FREE credit repair service. Signing up is simple and can be completed online at their website There are even videos along the way that walk you right through the process. Be sure to review the world of Eric Counts on ­­ Be sure to visit to see how they are changing the lives of thousands of families and making the world a little better one credit report at a time. are some important words to consider when creating a company, not just a JOB. 1. Create 2. Build 3. Replicate 4. Replace The key factor to building a business is being able to work on your business, not IN your business, says Eric Counts, CEO of "It's important to follow systems and processes. It do you not systematize your company, then you still have a JOB. And, if you still have a JOB, you are not a business owner, you are self­employed." Counts also counsels other startups and would­be entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and provide value to others as a way of building their business and reputation. Be sure to ask yourself what you can provide to others of value, at no cost. Not only will this help others to improve their lives, but it will help you be seen as a leader in your industry. Eric's 4 Steps to Entrepreneurship Ready to build that dream business, just like Eric Counts did with Here Eric Counts enjoys spending all his free time with his wife, Stephanie, and their two children. 73