Realty411 Magazine Featuring Eric Counts, Credit Nerds - Page 72

Now married for 18 years and with two beautiful children, Counts says that Stephanie was his biggest champion during his difficult days. Plus, she still helps him enjoy life more with her soothing approach to life: "I don't have to succeed every single time in order for her to see me as a success." In fact, when things go wrong now, like they do in every business, Stephanie is always the first one to point out: "Don't worry, we'll get there next time!" Counts adds: "If not for my wife, we would not be where we are. She is always the one that says, 'Keep your head up, stay the course, and don't give up'." He also credits the Credit Nerds' staff for the company's incredible growth, and an amazing business mentor, who he says helped him reach personal and professional goals he never thought possible. “Credit is a tool, not a trophy. If you want it to be effective, you have to USE it properly,” says Counts.. Organization Their company,, is located in Paragould, Arkansas, a town of under 30,000 that sits about an hour’s drive outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Eric and his wife have 13 employees that they say are the true lifeblood of their company. Striving to be a quality employer, they offer a starting wage that is more than twice the state’s minimum wage, and as a result, all of their employees tend to be long­term, the shortest being three years, and the longest being their Director of Operations, Karen Dillon, who has been with them nearly eight years now. As real estate investors, we all know that credit is one of the pillars carrying the foundation for success. 72