Realty411 Magazine Featuring Eric Counts, Credit Nerds - Page 71

The Blessings and Set­Backs After high school, Eric’s academic excellence had earned him a full­ride scholarship to college. But that’s where this story takes a turn. Within two short semesters he had dropped out. Within another year he was married and had a child. He was broke, unemployed, and faced with supporting a new family. It didn’t take long to realize that a black belt and a good time in the 3200m race doesn’t get you very far in the real world. Like many others like him, he bounced from job to job. Door to door sales, telemarketing, waiting tables; or as he call them, “pre­requisites for success”. Counts recalls this as one of the most difficult times in his life. "We didn't' have any money. I was so embarrassed. I had just come through high school and college knowing I was going to be Somebody, and now here I was, broke." During this challenging time in the start of the young family's life, Counts attributes the support of his wife, Stephanie, whom he met in the 5th grade, with helping him through this stressful time and immense pressure as a young husband and father. The high expectations Counts set on in having a lucrative career began to look like a false promise, until a fateful day happened when he took a sales job in the credit industry. He learned quickly and started selling credit repair services to as many people as he could. Unfortunately, within about 3 months he realized the company he worked for was not providing their services in a legal, moral, and ethical manner. Complaints started coming quickly. Mr. Counts then did what truly displays his character. He contacted the people he had sold the service to and apologized. He told me he couldn’t give them refunds because he only earned a small commission, but what he could do was attempt to give them the service they had originally wanted. He started reading, learning, seeking knowledge about the industry. Soon, people were calling and asking about the “guy fixing credit”. He decided to open his own company, and within three weeks his wife had to quit her job as a waitress because they simply couldn’t keep up with the demand. Fast forward 12 years, and they now operate one of the most effective and efficient credit repair companies in the country. They have clients and partners in all 50 states, Eric is an instructor for a national real estate investment education company, and is on the board of NACSO, the National Association of Credit Services Organizations. He has been interviewed or published by USA Today, CNN, Money Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal, and of course here in Realty411. 71