Realty411 Magazine Featuring Eric Counts, Credit Nerds - Page 70

The Nerdy Side of Credit Restoration Sitting down with Eric Counts of can be quite an interesting experience. I recently had the chance to interview him and what was supposed to be a few quick questions stretched well into more than an hour of great conversation. Now, obviously, credit is an extremely powerful financial tool when dealing with one’s finances and investments, but the level of knowledge Mr. Counts held was beyond anything you’ll find in a Google search or at a basic credit seminar. It quickly became evident why he is an accepted expert witness in legal cases involving credit reporting and a sought­after speaker for financial events across the country. However, the interesting part of the story wasn’t as much about what this young CEO has become since founding his company in 2008, but instead the path his life followed in creating what he believes to be the only full service company that provides credit repair 100% free of charge. And yes... I had to ask him to By Bruce Kellogg and Linda Pliagas repeat that as well. He assured me that charges zero fees for their full service credit repair program. The only requirement is to keep an active monitoring account so they can access the credit report as needed. Needless to say, he has caused quite a disruption in an industry known for bad actors and illegal upfront charges. So Let’s Meet Eric Eric Counts was raised most of his young life in a mobile home in rural Arkansas. His humble and country family life gave him a strong foundation, one overflowing with the most richly possession possible: love. "I was blessed to have four sets of incredible parents," Counts admits and adds: "I really had four great people raise me." Counts credits much of his success to the guidance of his four great parents. He stresses that in a world where many people don’t even have one good parent, he considers himself extremely blessed to have been raised by four amazing people ­­ individuals who put their differences aside and focused on providing their children the best life possible.. He reminisces that as a child growing up his parents and stepparents were extremely loving and super­supportive of him, which fueled his confidence. "I believed that I could early on. I always knew I would succeed." As a child, he was always driven to succeed having earned black belts in two styles of martial arts, two state championship titles, as well as competing at the state level in track. But it wasn’t just physical activities, he was also an all­state choir member, played the trumpet in band, marked perfect scores on the ACT in English and Reading, and was accepted to the Arkansas School for Advanced Math and Sciences. 70