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8 Simple Steps To Riches In Real Estate Or In Any Other Field, For That Matter By Reggie Brooks Before I got involved with real estate I tried various other potential money­making ventures. I created a company called Advanced Video Productions, and spent the first 4 weeks designing the all important ‘logo’. I might have thought that my income was totally dependent on a well designed, slick logo. I hadn’t learned anything about time management yet. I created another company that sold satellite systems. This was way back when satellite dishes were huge. They could have been mistaken for UFO’s. My success? I sold 1 satellite system, period. And that one system was sold to a friend. I hadn’t learned anything about marketing. Another time, I got involved with a Multi Level Marketing group and ended up with a garage full of water filters. Well, it really seemed like a good idea at the time….. Through the many successes and failures that I’ve either experienced over the years or witnessed others experience, I’ve identified 8 steps you can take that can put you on the fast track to wealth. These are simple, powerful steps that really work!! The 3 Cornerstones Of Success I’ve taken a lot of seminars and classes over the years, and I’ve learned that personal and financial growth requires an investment. You must be willing to invest your money and your time. Then you must make a commitment to discipline yourself. What good is having a superior knowledge of creative real estate if you don’t discipline yourself to use it? Many successful real estate investors have invested many thousands of dollars in their creative real estate education. Their libraries are bulging with books, tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, and any other form of media necessary to put money­making techniques into their heads. They understand the power of “The 3 Cornerstones Of Success”. The 3 Cornerstones Of Success are like a 3 legged stool. As long as there are 3 legs, the stool will support your weight. However, if you loose just 1 of those 3 legs, you’ll crash to the floor. This is a perfect parallel to the 3 Cornerstones Of Success. Continued Education Discipline Productive Action on a Daily Basis 47