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This is a very basic overview of the way a real estate deal goes from start to finish. 1. You spend a lot of time and money generating leads 2. Your marketing results in the seller contacting you about the property 3. At some point you will have a phone conversation with the seller 4. The next step is to look at the property if the initial screening call went well 5. You inspect the property and decide whether or not to make an offer on the property 6. After negotiations that offer is accepted or rejected 7. If the offer is accepted you will proceed to the closing/settlement (and get a testimonial) If you look at the process it’s all pretty mundane. Ask yourself this; looking at these steps, is there anything there that would create a remarkable customer experience? I don’t think so. So let me ask you this: • If nothing were off limits, what could you do? • What would you change? • Is there a way to “reinvent” the way this process evolves? • Where can you innovate? Let’s Do a Little Brainstorming Here Let’s start with #1 which is lead generation and look at how you might reinvent the direct mail process. If everyone is sending the same direct mail pieces; letters and postcards, what can you do differently? How about sending out a newsletter with helpful homeowner tips as your first mail piece? Instead of starting with a letter or postcard that says “I want to buy your house”, you begin your relationship with “Hi I’m Sharon, and I have some helpful tips for you today”. The point is to make a different first impression than everyone else. Think of it this way; send the sellers something they will enjoy reading and in the process they will be introduced to you as a person rather than a business that wants something from them (their house). By doing this, over time you become the trusted resource in your market. At the bottom of your newsletter let them know that you buy houses and share your contact information. Taking this thought one step further, why not replace one letter or postcard every quarter with something that would be useful to the sellers like a quarterly newsletter or market update? Information to create these information pieces is readily available on the internet, so it’s really pretty easy. Doesn’t that make a whole different impression than a “we buy houses” letter or a postcard that’s all about you and your company? You bet it does. Final Tips I would like to challenge you to look at each one of those steps in the average real estate deal and think of a way you can “reimagine” the way you do business. Find ways that you can be remarkable in this crowded marketplace of real estate investing. Sharon Vornholt Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog 41