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Why You Need to Create a Customer Plan for Your REI Business By Sharon Vornholt off but marketing isn’t one of them. In order to effectively market your real estate business so that you always have leads, you must have a marketing plan. Once you have implemented your marketing plan, it’s time to move on to your customer plan. Exactly What Is a Customer Plan and Why Do You Need One? Today I want to talk about why you need to create a customer plan for your real estate investing business (in addition to a marketing plan) and exactly what a customer plan is. This is a new concept for real estate investors, but it’s something savvy businesses have been doing for a while. What’s the Difference Between a Marketing Plan and a Customer Plan? Simply put, a marketing plan is used to get leads. It’s used to attract motivated sellers. Your customer plan details your process or what you do to keep those leads. The goal should be to have a repeatable process for nurturing the people that come into your business as leads. Let’s Look At Your Marketing Plan One of the first things you probably learned when you started your investing business was that your #1 job is marketing. You won’t be in business very long if you don’t have a steady stream of leads coming in the door. There are a lot of things you can put 39 A customer plan is a document that you create for your specific business. The customer plan for a real estate business would look much different than one a doctor created for their medical practice. If you look at most businesses, they spend a lot of time writing business plans and marketing plans that attract customers. However, almost no one has a plan for keeping those customers (AKA motivated sellers) once you have gotten them to call you. Real estate is no different from any other business; it’s all about the customer. In our business they just happen to be folks that want or need to sell a property. Your customer plan should be a detailed document that outlines everything needed to create a remarkable customer experience. This is the time for innovation; the time to think outside the box. If you really want to be the standout company in your marketplace, you need to find a way to reinvent the way you do business and deliver that exceptional customer experience. Once you have created your customer plan, it also serves as a roadmap for making your company the absolute best company in your market.