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Using a Probate Lead Service Can Make Your Business Efficient and Profitable By Leon McKenzie, Managing Partner, US Probate Leads Have you been working in the probate business for a while and aren’t sure you are making any progress? Do you find yourself dreading your trips to the local courthouse, frustrated by the amount of paperwork to sift through, when you could be spending time with friends and family? If this describes your situation, then it may be time to take a hard look at how using a lead service can save you time and help make you money. Professional probate leads services are designed to fulfill the needs of probate investors in two major areas. First, by using a probate leads service, you can have access to a customized list of probate leads that are located in the areas that you choose to target. Secondly, taking advantage of a leads service can make your business run more profitably and efficiently. These are the main reasons that highly successful probate investors take advantage of a leads service. Probate Leads Fuel Your Business When a loved one passes away, they generally leave quite a bit of property behind, which has to be sold by the Executor of the estate. The Executor is the court appointed representative of the individual who has passed away and has the job of making sure that legal and tax paperwork is filed in a timely manner and, once the assets are sold, will make distributions to heirs as noted by the will or the court system. Gary Digrazia writes, “In my Probate Real Estate business our life blood, of course, is the leads we work. Estates have real property which needs to be sold to settle the estate. Where do we receive the leads and how do we have a constant supply for now and future business?” This is really a core question for every probate real estate investor to answer. If you are working in the probate business, then you know that having access to data is critical in order to move your business forward. As an investor, you certainly can take the time to visit your local courthouse to see the records in person. When you are beginning your business, this is probably a good exercise in understanding the process of how probates are filed and what is necessary in ensuring that the property is sold and the profits are distributed. Taking the time to see and understand the process can be helpful in gaining a broad understanding of how the probate process works. That said, taking half a day on a regular basis to visit your local courthouse can become a drain on your business. In addition to the travel involved in going, there is the use of gas, the time spent parking, paying for parking if necessary, and then the hours spent finding and locating viable leads. While having access to viable probate leads is a necessary part of the business, it frankly might not be the best use of your time. 24