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“Are your investments earning you enough income to enjoy the life you deserve?” ~ LAURA ALAMERY R eal estate just happens to be an industry with change as its only constant. New data can move the market up, or down, in an instant. Economics, weather, acts of God (earthquakes, hurricanes) can reduce some housing values to dust overnight, while adjoining states might see a surge from migrating away from affected regions. Prices can soar with success of a new industry, such as Silicon Valley, or even marketing campaigns like the ‘imported from Detroit’ phase. These ups and downs have lead some people to bail out from what could have been a profitable investing career. What were they missing, and why are others earning huge amounts of money in a ‘seemingly unsta- ble’ career field? Truth is, there’s money to be made on both sides of the fence. Buying and selling, holding and renting, lending, fixing and flipping are all possible tacks to take – it’s all a matter of timing and balance. Of course, you don’t want to jump off without a net. BUILDING A BUSINESS FROM THE GROUND UP You wouldn’t normally open a restaurant if you don’t know how to make scrambled eggs, right? Yet people venture into real estate every day without any - Article by Cherrell Tarantino - underpinnings. It’s a real business, folks. Without a foundation, where are you really? Down the river with- out a paddle. Opening any kind of business, anticipating and limiting your risk is going to come down to experience. When you don’t have it yourself, it makes perfect sense to find a mentor who’s ironed out the wrinkles so you can (literally) avoid losing your shirt. Laura Alamery is such a mentor. Laura remembers what it feels like to crave financial independence. She remembers what it’s like not knowing where to start, or who you can trust. She’s been there and done all of that – and you can benefit from the lessons (good and bad) that’s she’s endured or profited from. That said, there’s a method and diligence \]Z\Y [[[[ۘ[\H[ۙYHX[X[]HœZ[YܙH[HXY]ۈ[\ۋ]\x&\]ۈHY[KHܙX][H[وX[ۈ\Yۈ[\[\[\[\\\]QHNH8( MBBBBUPSXY˘