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#TheConnector by Brandon Richards A April 4th, 2017. I closed on my first rehab. wesome, right? Well, let’s rewind time a bit. December 19th, 2015, I drove to Dallas with my two beautiful daughters, a trailer full of personal belongings, $0 in the bank, and a vision. I came to Texas, got my real estate license and went to work. I had high hopes, just as any new real estate agent does. I was going to just step into an industry in a city I’ve never done business in, and crush it! Wrong. In fact, I didn’t close much of anything for quite some time. I was doing ev- erything right. I had the website, the CRM, office time, cold-calling figured out, and I was sending out postcards! Reality quickly set in: Being a REALTOR ® isn’t easy! While I tried to make a footprint as a REAL- TOR ® , I got more and more interested in rehabbing and flipping houses. Around that time, I heard about a strategy called wholesaling. The “get-rich-quick” in real estate method, right? The “no experience, no money” method to getting rich! I was hooked. I bought all the right books, I listened to countless hours of podcasts, and I just about googled every- thing related to Wholesaling. Alright, so I under- stand the concept now. But, I was asking myself these questions: “How do I set it up?” “How do I find the leads? H8'\HH[H[\ܜ˜^H]HYO'BH[\\[\[و\H]Y\[ۜ[][^H]ܚو[HHY]Y]\ݙ\[YKH\[YK]\[H MH\B[]\H[HX[\]H]ܚ[YY]\[YZ[\H][H[[]\YKH\[Y[\Hو\ˈH\ۂHZ\[ۋ]ۙHوH][H][Y HXZ\ šYݚYY[[ܙYXH[[[و۝[\[[][ HZYH]YY[K8'[H]قLو[H۸&]ZHPSӋ'B\\Y[^H\H[[H[]][ۂHYYY۝[YHۈ^HZ\[ۋH\XY]ۈZ[ۙHوHH[YKYHXZ[ZYH^H MH܈HXB]HZ[\][HXY\\HܛK[[ܚ˂H\ٙXX[ HYY^HX]H[˜[و^HXZ[\KYܙX\\[ؘ]\\[\[^HXXˈXXY\XXܚˈ[X ^H\[\\\[H[YHHHXXBH]HHۛZHX]K[H]H]\[] ܈H][۝H&YۈH\H\[\[[H[Y^H\\X[\XY HHHو^H[K][[[ۛYH8'Hܙ^x&\'H[^HٙXH]B[YK^H[YYHY^H\\H[[\Y[و^H X[JH]Y\[ۜ˂\ܝ\[X\H M[HHXYٙوXX Y\ XXYZ[HHH[\\Z[ۈ^[Y[ˈHZY\܈\\H[]\]X[ H[Y\۝X[H\HH[YH^H]HۙB[[YH[[\H[[H\ [[&Y]] œ]Hۙ\[[]^H]H^XXBX]\YHX]\Y\H\BوۙH[HY[[\܈]H^^HZHH[H[YH\H] L R˂^H[\܈^Y\]HYHH\YۛY[YܙY[Y[H[Y\H[[ۈKB]H]H[KHY\Y[HY\^Y^HHY]\Y[H\XH]H[\X[M LQZYKBBBQHMH8( MBBBBUPSXY˘