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100% FINANCING for REHABS INC Financial is now fund- ing up to 100% of rehab costs for house flippers. In addition, ZINC now has a preferred joint venture program where ZINC will advance 100% of acquisition and rehab costs for well-experienced investors. ZINC is a direct lender, not a broker, which allows for deci- sioning within hours. “There is no middleman,” states Todd Pigott, Todd Pigott, Principal of Zinc Financial Principal of ZINC. He also indicates that all decisions and wires are con- trolled in-house. Fast-growing ZINC Financial is expanding and now offers an even more attractive lineup of lending prod- ucts for serious real estate investors. This includes high LTV loans for rehabbers, stated income programs, and joint venture (JV) opportunities. They even expanded rental financing for up to $10 million in seven nearby states. Pigott states: “This is a great opportunity for investors to seize private money at historical low rates without the hassle of ba