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existing clients. It is also wonderful for referral mar- keting. And eventually, many of the people who see the links you share on your social media page will show up on your business website – assuming that you have one. > WHAT THESE NUMBERS IMPLY When you have half of home shoppers reading general home information via their mobile devices, it makes the nature of your website even more important. Perhaps the first question should be: do you have a website? If not, what are you waiting for? The second question is: is your site optimized for mobile users? If the answer is no, then you need to get moving to rectify the matter. According to We Are Social 2017 Global Overview Report on social media, there are 2.547 billion mobile social media users. It is for this reason that you need to move quickly to opti- mize your website for mobile device users. If you don’t rectify the issue of mobile site optimiza- tion, expect Google penalties to apply. This means that you will experience lower online visibility and ultimate- ly, a lower amount of traffic. And if you want to boost your real estate business, then not having a good website is counterproductive even if you spend time promoting your brand on social media. You are going to lose a lot of potential customers who would have wanted to learn more about your properties. Is that what you want? 6) 84% of CEOs and VPs Say They Use Social Media When Making Pur- chasing Decisions The number of company decision makers that make use of social media in order to come to a decision regarding what to purchase or how to proceed is quite significant. > WHAT THESE NUMBERS IMPLY You cannot ignore the role of social media marketing when it comes to influencing decision makers. Suppose you have com- mercial properties that you would like to sell? In order to appeal to the people at the top, you need to set yourself as an authority that VPs and CEOs can trust. And yet despite how effective social platforms can be for th 2W'6Rǒ#rRbF6W26F@FV"2WfVWV7WFfW2&R7FfVǒffVB66VF&VGCwVFR6РbRvBF7FVBbFRvRFvBW 6WFF'2&RBFsW6R66VFFVWfFPW"&VW7FFR'&B7Brf&6FVB66VF6FW2ƖRƖVDB6&RW"WW'F6RFf&2ƖRf6V&R7W&RFBvW2`W"&W'FW2V"7Fw&BFW&W7BFR&RVRRGG&7BvFW"6FVBFPvW"FRƖVƖBFBRvGG&7BFRGFVFbFV66W'22vV6vVB2FRf"RF6VFB6W&6&W'GF'&rFRWR&RvrFfB&vRVFV6RFB2vƖrF&V6VBW"&ЦW'GF2VR276&RFFFPW7BfBFR&vB'WW"vFWBV6Vff'BगBFW2v&F&WBW"&VW7FFR'W6W7266VF'WBRrvCF2GRbFW&W@&WFrFf&2g&VRBFR&62WfVffW'2PFR66RFVF&vW"VFV6RBV&W0RF7VFfFRvB&VF6vFW"FVFBW7Fr7W7FW'2FW6RFw2RBV66VW"BV6V6W"f"RFfBBvB&W'FW2FBfRvW"66RbvWGFr6BV6ǒvVFRFR0&vBB2FW&Vf&RW"&W7BFW&W7BFW6R66VFFRFffW&V6RW"&VW7FFR'W6W72vB&RRvFrf#vWB7F'FVBFFU2&&FRVG0V4V禖P6VbWV7WFfRff6W V6fVFVBU2&&FRVG0&RF"V'2vB2vBЦW76VBG2w&wFGW&rFBW&@g&R6GVB&fFW"FP&&FR76RFFRǒF&fFW"b&&FRVG2f"f'GVǐWfW'6VGFR6VG'VƖW2FBWBFBU2&&FPVG22FRǒ6&fFp&&FR&VFVB&VW7FFR&VFV@VG2FfW7F'2B$TD%<*&6VBFF6V7FVBF&V7Fǒg&FfGV&&FR6W'G2f'GVǒWfW'7FFRF22&VV6WfVB''VFrFWGv&b&W6V&6ЦW'2FBf6BV66VGRFRV6FV( 0FV&6W76W2F26֖rFFBW2BfЦ&RFFfGV7V'67&&W'2f"FV"W6R&V6pWBFvǒFfFVB&W'G6VW'2f6BƖRCwwrW7&&FVVG26ХtRsb( "#p&UtTDr6