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SECURE YOUR FUTURE: Investing in Real Estate Through Self-Directed IRAs by Kaaren Hall D o you have a 401(k) with a previous employer or an IRA? Are these accounts invested in stock market assets? Most retirement accounts are invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds however the Self-Directed IRA lets you invest outside the stock market. For over 40 years you have been able to invest your retirement dollars into assets like real estate and most people don’t know about it. In fact there is about $24 Trillion in US retirement accounts. Only 3-4% of that amount is invested in what’s called “alternative assets”. When you think about building a retirement for yourself consider the Self-Directed IRA. When it comes to investing in Real Estate, the Self-Directed IRA allows many ways to do this: • Residential real estate, including: apartments, single family homes, and duplexes > PAGE 55 • 2017