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Money411 P R I VAT E CONTENTS 55 Secure Your Financial Future by Kaaren Hall 57 The Serious Club for Serious Investors 61 Comparing Sydications by Tom Wilson 66 Choosing the Right Coach and Mentor 68 Should Buyers Choose the Title Company? 72 Cover: Sarah Montes with Texas Pride Lending 74 What Do Social Media Marketing Statistics Mean? 77 Jimmy Reed Reveals Garage SALE Real Estate Above: Sarah Montes on the cover of Private Money411. Sarah and her team operate Texas Pride Lending, read more about this innovative company (page 72), which provides RMLO services to real estate investors in Texas. 81 FAST Funding... Up to 100% Funding for Deals 84 California-based Zinc Financial Expands Further 86 Attack and Get PAID - Training with Todd Dotson pg. 68 pg. 61 CONTACT US: 805.693.1497 or Be social, look for our updates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ & more! Important Disclosures for Our Readers: The information provided herein do not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities or real estate. Please be aware that real estate investing can be risky. Realty411, the publisher of Private Money411, is not responsible for any information provided and/or statistical data presented, and does not reflect the opinions, advice or research by us. Readers are 100% responsible for their due diligence, for all investment information and for all decisions with respect to any potential investment or transaction. Publisher recommends readers seek the advice of a trusted attorney, broker, CPA and/or financial adviser before investing. * pg. 66 LEARN FROM FOUR HGTV REHAB STARS LIVE! See pages 70-71. PAGE 53 • 2017