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HOW TO INVEST WISELY Norada Real Estate has transacted in the most sought-after markets: • Atlanta, GA – Ranked the #1 Rental Market in the US • Birmingham, AL – Host of the 2021 Word Games • Charlotte, NC – 2nd Largest Banking Center • Chicago, IL – Over 50% Renters • Dallas, TX – Double-Digit Appreciation Growth • Fayetteville, AR – Fastest Growing City in the State • Houston, TX – #1 Job Market in the United States • Indianapolis, IN – Most Affordable for Real Estate [Forbes] • Jacksonville, FL – Tech Job Center • Kansas City, MO – Below Average Cost of Living • Little Rock, AR – Best Place to Live in America • Memphis, TN – Non-Bubble Market • Palm Bay, FL – Top 10 City for STEM Jobs [Forbes] • Salt Lake City, UT – Low Unemployment • San Antonio, TX – #2 Reces- sion Proof City [Forbes] • Tampa, FL – 5th Hottest Real Estate City in America by Tim Houghten W hile Norada offers information on a variety of real es- tate investment options, the company is mostly “focused on passive income-pro- ducing turnkey real estate investments.” These are new or like new properties, that have tenants in place and are under professional manage- ment. Regarding the debate about new versus exist- ing properties, the firm’s founder says “both can have their advantages. We are seeing more demand for new properties. We are seeing investors trend toward new construction, and especially new fourplexes, in growth markets. They can offer lower maintenance costs now, and can be highly attractive to tenants.” Norada prides itself on being “market agnostic. In other words, not simply promoting and push- ing one product because it is the only inventory they have or know. They constantly analyze about 400 markets across the US and make recommendations according to current dynamics, emerging trends, and individual investor goals and resources. One thing this real estate in- vestment firm is notable for is its diligence in monitoring service providers for its clients. When it comes to management, their philos- ophy is that, “Full service property management is a must. This is something we take very seriously. For more information about the “Passive Real Estate Investing” podcast or to pre-order Marco’s new book, visit www. We are tough on our vendors. If they are ever caught delivering poor or slow communication, and aren’t up to our constant service standards, we make sure they are replaced. It’s become very rare for our clients. But it’s something we keep a close eye on.” Whether new builds or existing rentals, these turnkey properties are designed to deliver hands-free, truly passive income, even if fully lev- eraged, with potential for ongoing equity appreciation. It is an ideal strategy for any investor, including those using self-directed IRAs or PAGE 50 • 2017 401(k)s, as well as young profes- sionals looking to get a head start towards financial freedom. WHERE TO INVEST NOW Asked about his take on some of the latest data, which shows some challenges in markets like San Fran- cisco, Marco tells us that “While everyone has individual goals, and what’s best for their portfolios may be different, I’d never recommend investing in San Fran or other ‘bub- ble markets’. All real estate is local, and that means looking at each local economy when investing.”