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contents pg. 55 pg. 72 Photo: Sarah Montes graces the front cover of Private Money411. 12 Linda’s Letter: It’s Time for a Mid-Year Review INSIDE: Learn strat- egies to help your bottom line from renowned industry ex- perts, such as (right, clock- wise): Kaaren Hall, Marco Santarelli, Todd Dotson and Brad and Jennifer Sumrok 14 Approaches to Negotiation: Tips and Techniques 18 Atlanta: Rich With Renters by Kathy Fettke 20 Super-Size Your Rents and Help Others Too! 21 Three Offbeat Investments to Consider 25 20/20 REI Prepares for Big Business in Texas 28 The Trump Economy: An Emphasis on America 32 Sensei Speaks: The Truth about Income & Investing 35 #SumrokStyle: Live Free & Fun with Apartment Investing. Learn with Brad and Jennifer Sumrok 42 Double-Digit Returns is Possible with Leverage 43 Discover the All New BREIA / MD-REIA 47 Marco Santarelli Pinpoints Top National Markets 51 - 88 Private Money411 Featuring Texas Pride Lending, plus Meet the Leaders of Finance pg. 47 pg. 86 89 Be a Maverick, Do It Different by Paul Finck 92 What Investors Should Be Demanding Now from Property Management by Pam Blanco 95 #TheConnector - A New Investor Emerges 99 Laura Alamery: An Educator on a Mission 105 Protect Your Assets Now with Fortune DNA 109 Your Worth is Beyond Compare with Sam Sadat 110 Money Mindset and Your Bank Account Balance pg. 35 115 Armando Montelongo Reclaims His Throne 118 Randy Hughes Explains Why a Trust Works