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HEALTH + - A Day in the Life of Brad and Jennifer Sumrok - What’s it like to run a multi-million dollar multifamily empire with proper- ties around the country? The Sumroks take you behind the scenes into their busy, healthy, and fun-filled lives! 7 am - The Sumroks awake (to no alarm) after getting a good night’s sleep. The active duo do not set alarms unless they are catching a flight or have some other scheduled voluntary activity. After awaking, they immediately start drinking water. Workout time with their personal trainer, Robert Terry. 7:15 am - Brad drinks coffee (yes, that is still one of his vices) and Jen has tea while they discuss the upcoming day. 7:30 am - Drink up! Time for a vegan protein shake. 8 am - 9:30 am - The fit couple hit the gym religiously four to five days per week! Workouts consist mostly of weight training (about an hour) followed by abs, then 20 min of high intensity cardio. A yoga day is added for flexibility. When in their Florida home, they also enjoy running or walking on the beach in the morning. While traveling, the Sumrok’s do their best to maintain working out and choose hotels with decent fitness centers and full-service restau- rants. Their favorite U.S. chains are Fairmont, W, Four Seasons and JW Marriott. 10 am - Breakfast (either made at their home or in a local restaurant that specializes in paleo/organic foods). Brad and Jen’s favorite is the “hash bowl” (diced sweet potatoes, onions with scrambled egg whites and grilled chicken). Jen doesn’t eat meat so she has hers with eggs, avocado, quinoa and kale. 11 am - 5 pm - This time is usually spent supporting stu- dents with coaching calls and reviewing deals, working on their business (planning events, prepping for speaking engage- ments, growing the business, and meeting and supporting Sumrok team members). They also replying to emails and phone calls. area. They 6g&WVVBvRfG2BVBg&FR6@&""B&"bFW"FRFWVFW"FR&W&VBfG26FW""VBWB6&W7FW&G2FBffW"VF&v2FrF2rFRF&V&VBFV'&VbFRF27FbЦFW2F67W722f"FRWBFvVVFW6Vf6RF֖rvFf֖ǒB7Fr6V7FVBvFFVFW6F6WV2BƗ7FVFf6R2g&FPF6WFW2FWv&FR'W6W72666ǒFWvF6fRUEbFWF( BF6F62 vF6FRWw2vVFV"f&FRFW6vW@FvWFW"&VwV&ǒvFV( 2f֖ǒFRWfVw2࣒W7VǒFWfR6R6'B`r6&"66ƖRfBw&VV7GPwW'B"fVv&FV6RFRVF666W26WR&PW7Vǒ&VBV&ǒb6W'6RFW&R@v2ƖR2#Br3cRFWVVBЦrWBBBFV"ff&FW2&RFƖfBFFBVFFW'&VЧB&VBvR2FV"G6( 7W&v^( ЦVGVRFW"G&fV66VGVRFWFFV"&W7BF66RVFF2V6FR'&BW7Vǐ66W2&W&VBfG2g&Ч6W2ƖRהfDfG2"6F6VF2"fDƖfPfG2vVFRF&&VGCwVFR6РtRC( "#p&UtTDr6