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C ompanies are moving to Texas in droves. Toyota is relocating hun- dreds of their employees to their new headquarters in Plano, Texas by May 15th. The biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon, recently moved a major portion of their distribution center to North Texas. That is just the tip of the iceberg. If you think moving to the Lone Star State is just a passing fad, just ask State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Fed EX, and Jamba Juice. The business gold rush has begun and they are all coming to Texas. Why? Let’s break it down. First and foremost, doing business has never been easier. It’s more about business growth than anything else. “Businesses are sick and tired of being over-taxed and over-regulated and are making the economically sensible choice to move to Texas,” said John Wittman, deputy press secretary for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Office. The timing is simply perfect in Texas as both corpo- rate relocation and real estate demand rises at the same time. “When so many large corporations are lining up to move to Texas, there is going to be a shortage of actual real estate available,” said Marcus Reynolds, VP of Investor Relations for 2020 REI. “Texas is a very business-friendly state for compa- nies to move to. Among the essential benefits for this migration to Texas include no state income tax, a strong economy, steady job market, and affordable housing.” California is losing out to Texas as corporations flee higher tax rates and stringent regulations. “I was raised in California and couldn’t imagine a better place to be but in 2011, I realized that the cost of living was so out of reach my family and I decided to make the move to Texas,” said Abe Romero, VP of Marketing for 2020 REI. “If I would have known what I know now, I would have bought as much Texas real estate as humanly possible.” Texas has always been bigger and better but that statement has never been truer for real estate investors. “Texas is an out-of-state investor’s dream,” said Tim Herriage, CEO of 2020 REI. “Real estate investors can come in and fix and flip or purchase and rent for much greater returns than nearly anywhere in the country. Our state is in such high demand that it is not un- common for my company to buy a property and then find a buyer who will pay 20% more than we paid for it within the same day.” Real estate has for the most part paid higher returns than the stock market. It’s a way for those who want to is a very ‘ Texas favorable state for companies to move to along with hard work- ing Americans. ’ invest to take advantage of an asset that has historical- ly outperformed Wall Street. “At the end of the day, we feel great about the service we provide,” said Tim. “We are an investors one-stop shop for Texas. We offer comprehensive in house services for investors of all sizes and scopes. 2020 and its companies have helped investors sell one home, or sell two dozen; and then flipped roles to help an out-of-state fund acquire hundreds of homes using our licensed real estate agents. We have the unique ability of being able to leverage our in-house finance team, full-service real estate agency, and experienced direct investment teams to provide a complete ecosystem for those wanting to invest in Texas.” 2020 REI was founded to live up to its mission; to provide world-class customer support with the highest level of integrity. “Our team is transacting more than $10MM per month in Texas investment proper- ty,” said Herriage. “Investable Realty is expanding beyond Dallas to service more of the state, and it is always exciting when we are able to help investors meet their goals, while achieving our own. I encour- age investors of all levels to contact our team, and let us show you why we are the premier one-stop shop for real estate investing in Texas.” v To learn more about 2020 REI and how they can help you grow your real estate investment business, please call or text at 972-382-7866 or email us at PAGE 26 • 2017