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How to Super-Size Your Rents, pg. 20 Three Offbeat Investments to Consider, pg. 22 residents.  After all expenses including the cost of the real estate, the net monthly profit can be $5,000 to $15,000.  Some of that may be funded from long-term care insurance, government assistance, insurance poli- cies, savings and investments or even the sale of a family home.  When you focus on just the private pay residents and not the Medicare or government assisted residents, you can be netting $10,000 to $25,000 per month.  • Approximate startup costs are as follows: $10 for a domain name, $0-75 for a standard website template to over $750 for a unique website design, and content creation starting at around $15 for a quality article. • The key to making money online is having high quality and a high quantity of content, in addition to moneymaking streams like marketing other compa- ny's products, on-site advertising, or product sales. There you have it — three markets where the compe- tition isn't very fierce and the bar of entry is relatively low. By investing in any one of the three offbeat investments mentioned, you'll have the opportunity to maximize your investment dollar. And over time, you may be able to transform your investment into a fully expanded business. v If you just want to own the real estate and lease that to the operator of the RAL home, you can typically charge up to twice the normal or fair market rent.  The lease will typically be a long-term lease of 3 - 5 years with renew- als of 3 - 5 years. That makes for a significant cash flow. That easily has the potential to generate multiple times the average market rent of a given property that may oth- erwise be leased annually to another individual. With just one of these tenants, investors could be doubling their gross income. This also happens to be extremely import- ant to investors who are now finding they are facing high property prices, peaking rents, and rising interest rates. > FIND THE RIGHT FIT > According to Gene Guarino there are several ways to implement this strategy, including: 1. ACQUIRING EXISTING ASSETS Although rarely available due to being such strong cash-flow generating investments, there may be some of these existing facilities available for purchase as turnkey operations. That means plugging right into an existing stream of income, and immediate returns. 2. ACQUIRING & REPOSITIONING HOMES Most investors will probably find that they can create the most value by acquiring and repositioning homes with this strategy themselves. There may be licenses and regulations to follow, depending on where the property is located, but the upside can be hugely profitable. 3. NEW BUILDS, NEW OPPORTUNITIES With property prices rising, but interest rates reasonable for now, some investors may apply this strategy by custom-building their own facilities from the ground up. This can provide a new and attractive product, with little maintenance requirements, and perhaps even greater equity. > LEARN MORE, EARN MORE > Gene has been training thousands of individuals on how they can apply these strategies themselves. We caught up with him after a recent trip to Central Amer- ica where he had been training and educating expats in Belize, Panama, and Mexico about how they can do it in their own communities. His US-based students now have residential investments like this in at least 13 states. This training and education is provided through the Residential Assisted Living Academy, which delivers both live and online training. Online training teaches the RAL Formula through modules like How To Turn A Single Family Home Into A Cash Flow Machine, Find It, Fund It, Fill It, and Running Your Business.  The 3-Day FAST TRACK is a live training experi- ence that includes touring his RAL certified homes and learning the business from the inside out. Find out more at or call 480.704.3065 PAGE 24 • 2017