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I f you are ready to create powerful breakthroughs in the area of money, then you will want to take a few minutes and invest in reading this article. My name is Cappi Pidwell, and I am a Master of NLP and Hypnotherapy. I have trained thousands of individuals, top companies and organizations for the past 23 years, on the topic of "Money Mindset”. Did you know that you have a personal relation- ship to money that you have learned how to master for years? Everyone has this relationship, because every- one deals with money on a daily basis. The real ques- tion is: Is this relationship one of abundance, growth and joy, or is it one of stress, worry and strain for you? How rich or poor is this relationship for you? Here are some basic questions you can begin asking yourself to identity your Money Mindset: What are your common, daily “feelings" about money? What do you tell yourself about money? Do you tell yourself things like: “Uh, I just don’t have