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MOTIVATION Your WORTH Is E Beyond Compare ach of us has a personal call- ing as unique as a fingerprint. You are worthy, simply be- cause you are here. Accepting and honoring your uniqueness and ex- tending that self-love out into the world is the reason why we're here. When you stop judging and doubt- ing yourself, you can begin to take risks and become more of who you really are. What happens as you find more and more of yourself? You get unstuck. You attract that which is more, better, brighter... of everything. The joy of finding self-worth is best expressed in the following words: We ask ourselves: “Who am I to be brilliant, fabulous, talented, gorgeous?” Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There's nothing enlightening about shrinking so other people won't feel insecure around you. As we liberate ourselves from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. Expect your life to be full and beautiful. Magnify your own qualities of light and love. You'll break out of your own stagnation, and you'll have the energetic voltage to electrify possibilities all around you. The reason people live with limitations is self-judgment. You have clamped down a lid on your expectations. The cells in your body see every particle of nourishment without hesitation, even though you set limits. When we have the same confidence emotion- ally, as psychologically that comes naturally to every cell as it embraces life, creative intentions are easier to activate. To say "I deserve" strikes some people as ego- tistical and boastful, which is certainly a pitfall. But ‘  self-worth is not about ego. It's about getting unstuck in a specific way. When you feel worthy, you believe that you should have and can have good things in life. Not only in material terms, but in terms of lasting fulfillment. To have limited or low self-worth requires suppression of desire. You find yourself fighting against positive changes. The validity of your own truth, love, beauty, grace get pushed away. From such a position of self-judgment, creativity feels too risky and doesn't get activated. Self-worth rises when every day you look beyond limitations and feel secure enough to expand your idea of who you really are. In the world's wisdom traditions, each soul plays a necessary part in the evolution of the cosmos. The present moment is unique in the history of the entire universe. Existence itself gives you opportunity to create something new, unique, and necessary. No one can be more unique than anyone else. Your uniqueness is simply a fact that you can joyfully embrace. And when you do, your desires serve a bigger purpose than more money, a bigger house, and new possessions. Those aren't signs of self-worth. True signs of self-worth are to participate fully in your own existence, never shrinking away or judging yourself. The biggest reason existence can bring joy is be- cause love, beauty, truth, creativity, and meaning are ever present and eternal. Human beings are the only creatures who can use and magnify these qualities. Your worth is beyond compare! v Regards, Sam Sadat | 800-998-9930 Office When you stop judging and doubting yourself, you can be- gin to TAKE RISKS and become more of who you really are. PAGE 109 • 2017 ’