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Bremley Lyngdoh india / uk worldview impact / The vision of Worldview Impact is to create a sustainable business for a sustainable future. By making green investments grow, in projects that are mitigating climate change at grassroots level, we will see sustainable livelihoods created for the poor. We have a three-fold mission. Firstly, to protect the environment and biodiversity through the mitigation of climate change. Secondly, to enable local economic growth through the creation of sustainable livelihoods for the poor and lastly, support social development through poverty reduction initiatives. What will the face of business look like in 2020? By 2020 the only businesses thriving will be those that have incorporated social, economic and environmental bottom-lines into the core of their business. Those that cannot meet this triple bottom-line will not be able to stay competitive and eventually disappear from the market. with an annual carbon footprint of around 1 ton. I will recall the time when it all started, 42 years before, at the climate change negotiations of COP 16 in Cancun. Here, world leaders put a price on the emissions of carbon and all greenhouse gases. Since then the price of carbon had gone up from US$10 to US$500 per ton and over the years we have learned to measure it, price it, like a tax. This has encouraged people across the planet to produce less GHGs. Under international climate law we also introduced legally enforceable ‘caps’ or limits to the amounts of GHGs any one country could emit over a year. This resulted in the transfer of appropriate clean technologies from the developed to the developing world and over time we have built a global green economy with no carbon consumption or emissions. Will the world be a more tightly bound community in 20 years, or less? Yes, due to the fact that our economies are becoming closely linked together. Cultural behavior is being influenced by a global economy and is changing the patterns of production and consumption. People will demand a greener global economy in the years to come. A post-carbon economy will happen when no more oil is drilled, no more coal is mined and no more gas is piped. Any remaining fossil fuels in stock would only be burned with 100 percent carbon capture. In this future I see a world where apart from energy, no fertilizers, no plastics, no drugs, no foodstuffs will be manufactured from fossil fuels. With President Obama promising he will create 5 million new jobs in the green economy – I see a future where other leaders follow Obama’s initiative, creating 500 million green jobs within five decades in 100 countries with a global annual turnover of US$50 trillion. “By 2020 the only businesses thriving will be those that have incorporated social, economic and environmental bottom-lines into the core of their business.” What replaces oil and when? Fifth generation bio fuels and other renewable energy technologies will finally replace oil in about 2050. I will be 75 years old then and hopefully still fit and strong. I’ll be celebrating World Environment Day 2050 with my grandchildren and my extended family inside the Lyngdoh Sacred Forest in Mawphlang Village, India where 395 species of plants will have been protected and preserved by my clan for centuries. The theme of WED 2050 will be ‘Indigenous People - Celebrating their Resilience to Climate Change.’ I will be one of those old indigenous warriors from my Khasi Tribe who, like others across the planet, have fought against climate change and managed to preserve our culture, identity, environment and our planet for generations to come. I am hoping to enjoy my life in this post-carbon world where the global human population has stabilized at 9 billion, each What importance do you attach to technology, especially the Internet? Our lives are now totally dependent on technology, especially the Internet, which allows us to access vast amount of information 24 hours a day at the touch of a button. It can only get better in the future with an increased speed at which we can access information, quantity and hopefully the quality. What is the most important aspect of leadership? To be able to turn negative situations into positives and being able to win the hearts and minds of people. This should enable leaders to create a paradigm shift in the way they think and act. Is capitalism dead? No, capitalism is never going to die due to more and more business-minded people becoming social entrepreneurs. This has resulted in a burst of socially and environmentally sound ventures globally. connect / malaysia World Ecotourism Conference: connect / greece International Conference on Green Computing: 38 \ Real Leaders